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where art meets joy

Julie Kippins

where art meets joy


About Julie Kippins

HI! I’m so excited you are here on my Online Art Studio !   

This place  is  about ART but I’ve worked and played in so many places.   I’ve got a great husband, great children and 3 wonderful grandchildren.   I like  yoga, walking, dogs, eating well and also hot fudge sundaes.  I am a Mindset Coach (or teacher of Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Management and how to bring more JOY to your life).  Mindfulness is a huge part  of how I live or try to live my life. 

ALSO I am  an Artist

I paint for the joy it brings me. I paint the joyful energy I see in each item.  My training and experience in Mindfulness has shown me through experience and education how important the feelings of love and joy and gratitude are in life. My art is about those  beautiful parts of us.

Although I started painting “later in life”,  I ended up selling pieces. First  I was asked to contribute to a showing, then a fundraiser and then in a shop and… fast forward to now and HERE,  where I am offering different options on this site.    Oh and  to bring a little brightness and love into your home. 

If you like my art, then you like the feeling  it elicits.  You  find the positive vibe, or the joy.

I hope you like it and  also share it if you are so inclined .

This whole site is about joyful art.   If you want to learn more about my Mindset coaching stuff, here’s the link…………

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Get the latest news and free stuff. You’ll learn spirit animals new paintings and bringing more joy to your life. 

A perfect reason for art in your life is to remember what's important to you.

About This Site

I will be changing  art periodically on this site  so check back often and sign up for my newsletters for new offerings.  I’ve made some changes to provide you with better quality prints and more options.  This site offers what are the most popular media and sizes and shipping preferences that I’ve known  my clients prefer . Most of you (my clients) choose to frame your own artwork so this site doesn’t list all the framing choices that you can get. That is just a phone call to me to discuss what it is that you want.   An orange mat with a green frame? I can get pretty much anything for you. Same with sizes:  I can arrange for different sizes too .  Just call or email me.


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