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Julie Kippins

where art meets joy

Frequently Asked Questions

I am very happy to talk to you at any time.  If you just want to know if I have a  spider that isn’t on the website or to discuss what a commission piece might look like or to request that I put a certain animal on my list to paint, etc., please contact  me.   

Email:   juliekippins@gmail.com

Phone: 513 509 9333



No Problem. Contact me personally and I’ll give you the price for what you want.  We can get the sizes and materials that you choose.  The choices offered on the website are what most people order but if YOU want something else, we will still use the same high quality printing service!

Yes, a little . 

We will charge a flat fee  $3.50 no matter what you order. 

 Good question!   Printing and packaging are meticulously performed in 5-7 days and then shipped.  Then it is up to the delivery services (usually UPS or USPS) . It takes about a week I find, depending on where you live and they sometimes are slow.  I can offer faster services for a different  price so call if you have any questions on that.   

I want you to be happy. So I use the best printing and materials that I have found.  Please take the time to double check your size by viewing the art in our online tools.  But know that if you aren’t happy you can return your item for a reprint or a refund within 30 days of receiving it ! 

Sure can!. That requires a phone call to discuss and I’m happy to assist!

 Well the internet is one way to learn more about how the positive emotions affect your mental and emotional life. Which of course affects the body. ANOTHER way is to sign up for my Newsletter below or check out my Stress Management website, 

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Watercolor Bird
Watercolor Llama

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